Custom Vinyl Sparring Package w/ Shin Instep

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Our best deal on vinyl sparring gear!  Get all the pieces that you need at a cheaper price when compared to buying each piece separately. Create your own individual package - mix and match colors or keep them all the same.

Package comes with:

  • Vinyl Head Guard
  • Vinyl gloves in either open or closed style depending on what your needs are
  • Vinyl shin instep guard

Available in blue, red and black.

Currently Out of Stock:

  • Open Punch Small- Black
  • Open Punch ChLg- Blue
  • Open Punch Medium- Blue
  • Closed Punch ChSm- Black
  • Closed Punch ChLg- Blue


  • ChLg- Black
  • Small- Black
  • Medium- Black
  • ChSm- Blue
  • ChLg- Blue
  • Small- Blue
  • Medium- Blue

Shin Guards:

  • ChLg- Blue
  • Medium- Blue
  • Shin/Instep Small- Red
  • Shin/Instep Large- Blue