Judo Uniforms

Since the Judo practitioners will be grabbing and throwing each other using the collars and sleeves of their uniforms it is very important that uniforms and Gi’s are strong and can withstand the physical abuse that will be given to them. Our Judo uniform is made using 100% cotton material. We offer them in bleached white and the natural beige color. We even carry the popular blue judo uniform that is being seen in more competitions. Since these uniforms are made with 100% cotton it is extremely important that they are cared for correctly. Washing in cold water and line drying to avoid shrinkage is always recommended. As with other styles, the Judo uniform typically includes pants, a jacket and a white belt. The jacket of the Judo uniform is made much differently from the lighter styles of martial arts uniforms commonly used for beginners as it is very thick and is quilted with a thick collar and wider sleeves. This extra thickness and strength allow for participants to be grabbed and thrown without fear of their uniforms being ripped apart during training. The pants will have an extra patch sewn over the knee to prevent wear and tear.