Custom Embroidered Belt

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Many dojos and schools will have their students or black belt instructors embroider their name, rank and/or style onto the belt.

Text is available in English, Korean, Chinese or Japanese lettering in either Kanji or phonetics.

When ordering be sure to add each line exactly as you wish it to appear on the belt as we will duplicate your order exactly as entered.

Lines will be capitalized as you have entered them.

If you have a specific Kanji you would like used for your belt, please email a copy of it to us along with your order number to help facilitate your order process.

A $10 charge will be added for belts with 6 or more dan stripes.
A $4 charge is added for deluxe 2inch wide black belts

As these belts are custom made to your specification it can take up to 3 weeks for delivery.
If you are ordering a custom belt along with other items please be aware that the entire order will be shipped together when the belt is completed. If you need your other items sooner then please order them on a separate order.