Custom 4 Pc Foam Sparring Set w/Rev Chestguard

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The MTI Swift foam headguard has been improved! This dipped foam head guard has 1" of padding and now offers a closed design over the front of the head to protect against axe kicks and hammer stricks to the head. The Punch and Kick(Boot) has 3/4" of foam padding. Our high quality martial arts supplies will last.

The Swift DoubleGuard MTI Brand is available in 10 colors! Available in RED, WHITE, BLUE, BLACK, SILVER, PURPLE,  GREEN , YELLOW, ORANGE and PINK TIGER!

Fast becoming one of the more popular brands. Super Savings! Get the head gear, punch and kick! The best protection and quality for the best price.

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  • Medium- White


  • Ch Small- Pink, Black
  • Ch Medium- Blue, Pink
  • Ch Large- 
  • Small- White, Silver, Purple, Pink
  • Medium- White, Yellow, Silver, Green
  • Large- Yellow, Black, Purple
  • XLarge- Pink, White, Silver, Purple
  • XXLarge- Yellow, Black, Purple

Shin Guards:

  • Child- Yellow
  • Large- Silver

Chest Guards:

  • Child- Silver, Green
  • Medium- Silver, Green
  • XLarge- Silver


          How to measure for your size:

          • HEAD GEAR - When measuring for the head guard, use a tape measure and measure the circumference of the head at the widest point. For best fit, do a loose measurement and move up one size if measurement is exactly at the highest end of the sizing.;
          • PUNCH- lay hand flat on counter and measure across the top of the four knuckles.
          • KICK- measure length of foot from heel to the big toe.